Friday, 30 October 2009

Etape application form is here.

I received my application form for the Etape yesterday. I need to get it signed by my doctor. Does anyone know what sort of medical is required and is a certificate issued or does the doctor just sign it? It also says that the quicker it is returned to them the quicker they submit it and the lower race number you will get. Surely a good thing.

Weigh day today. I must admit I was not to hopeful prior to getting onto the scales. Been off work this week and have been out with the kids during half term and been doing things like sitting in the cinema scoffing sweets and visiting Pizza Hut, not to mention a couple of visits to my local.

Friday 30/10 - 99.8Kgs(15.1 St, 220 Ilbs)

So I was pleasantly surprised. Dipped to under 100Kg for the first time. Only managed 2 rides this week, the one on Monday and we did the identical 25 mile ride again yesterday. I must say I feel the training is paying off as yesterday it seemed a lot easier and I have a little chuckle to myself when I think only a couple of months back I would do 10 miles and fall off my bike.

I have decided that my target for the Etape will be 90Kg. I reckon if I continue eating sensibly and doing a couple of rides a week that this will be achievable. I just hope that when the cigarettes go I do not go the other way.

I have started taking "Champix". My quit day is going to be next Tuesday. Work have got me in for a medical with BUPA next Wednesday. So I'm back to work on Monday although they will not let me drive a train till after the medical. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck with your medical with work!
    When I had my etape medical done last year, I had blood pressure taken, doc asked me a few questions about whether I'd done that kind of thing before - nothing too serious. I had to pay £25 for the privilege. Get booked in early - the receptionists at our surgery start rolling their eyes and tutting when I asked if I could have the form back within a week.

  2. Thanks for that Karen. Do I need a medical certificate or is it enough just for the doctor to sign and stamp my application form

  3. I just took a form in which he stamped and signed - assume it must be the same form?

  4. Thankfully my GP runs and cycles and was happy to "forget" the £50 charge his practice normally applies for signing this type of certificate.

    As for getting the form back quickly for a lower number well I missed that bit. I'll be off to the post office then.....