Monday, 26 October 2009

Keep taking the tablets

My road to being a non smoker starts today. My boss at work has given me the go ahead to start the course. They had to run it by BUPA first, the only stipulation is I have to have a medical before I drive a train again.

These tablets work by taking the nicotine cravings away. I shall actually still be smoking up until my quit day which is next Tuesday. One of the most common symptoms of Champix is a feeling of nausea, but luckily enough I did not suffer from this with my first tablet so hopefully that will be the case for the full 12 weeks which is how long the course lasts. If I can stop smoking and lose couple of stone I shall be flying up those mountains.

Dave and I went out for a ride this morning. We did 25 miles and the weather was beautiful. Dave wore a pair of full length bib shorts for the first time. Half way around he was complaining they were too hot. The only downside to the ride was a car that shot out from a side road straight in front of me as I was going pretty fast on a downhill section. I managed to slow in time and being right up behind the car, I peered into the back and what was there, a bike.

Off to do the family thing soon. We are taking the kids to the local firework display. We are not actually going to pay to get in but go up one of the hills overlooking the display and watch from there. I need to save my pennies for my winter gear.

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  1. cycle fat boy cycle. Keep up the good work Bob and soon you will be as svelt as me. On a serious note, how do you stop your size 13 feet from dragging on the ground ;-)
    Dave (not your cycle buddy - but the one you followed home)