Sunday, 25 October 2009

Scouting out some climbs

This is a picture of Nailsworth. A town about 5 miles from where I live. This actual picture shows the bottom of one of the steepest climbs in the area.Its called the "W" and if you view it on Google Earth you will understand why. The signpost by the cattle grid informs you that ahead you are faced with a gradient of 12%. Is that a maximum or an average I'm not sure. It also has "switchbacks" to make you feel you are actually climbing in the Pyrennes. This is where I shall be doing a lot of my climbing training. It's about 2-3 miles to the top and I will use this hill to check on my progress over the next nine months.

I have decided to weigh myself every Friday morning. At the moment I have been jumping on and off the scales everytime I visit the bathroom. So Friday it is. I will post the results on here good or bad.

Friday 23/10 - 100.5Kgs(15.11 St, 221.6 Ilbs)

Went out Friday with my mate Dave. Just a short run out, 21miles. Click on the Garmin link above. I have a Garmin edge 705 as used by the Garmin Slipstream team. It is brilliant. Recommend it to anyone. Bit pricey though. Feel free to click on the link, press player and then click the play button.

Hopefully going out tomorrow weather permitting. No, I'm not a wuss, it's just that I have not got my wet weather gear yet. Have a week off now so maybe I might get the chance to pop down to Bristol and see what Evans Cycles has to offer.

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